Saturday, 30 August 2008

A Disturbing Answer

I will apologize up front if this post is offensive to any of my readers, it is certainly not meant that way. I am posting this because although it may be controversial, I am legitimately concerned and curious about what people think of this issue. Thanks for reading and I am sincerely interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

Back on August 16th McCain and Obama were interviewed by Pastor Rick Warren at the Saddle Back Church for what was titled a Civic Forum. Pastor Warren asked a very specific question about when the candidates believed that human rights began. This was clearly a question about being Pro-Life or being Pro-Choice, not that anyone watching would be in doubt over who held which opinion, but it was his interview and therefore his right to ask.

Obama gave an answer that clearly showed how uncomfortable he was with the question. He talked about how neither religion nor science can absolutely state as fact when human consciousness begins and therefore he can't really say, and that basically the verdict is still out in his mind. It was not an eloquent answer, but an honest one. It was the answer of a thinking man, one that shows he clearly wrestles with this issue in his own mind and one that shows he realized the crowd would want a "conservative" answer but that his supporters would want a "liberal" answer.

On McCain's turn he very clearly and quickly stated "at the moment of conception". This answer received a very loud round of cheers from the crowd. Now I know McCain is Pro-Life and that his answer meshes with that and it also meshed with the predominately Pro-Life audience. However, his answer has really been bugging me over the past couple of weeks. OK, honestly, a lot of his answers have been bugging, but this one in particular. Think about the ramifications of his answer.

Seriously, think about it.

He believes that human rights begin at the very precise moment of conception. I know it sounds simple enough, but is it? Really?

Does he really, truly believe this?

So, he believes that it has all of the rights as you do long before anyone even knows of it's presence. Before it shows on a test, before you get your first bout of morning sickness, before you miss a cycle.

If so, then an abortion would clearly mean pre-meditated murder and should land you on Death Row.

If so, then a miscarriage would mean either legal recklessness, criminal negligence, or out right manslaughter. These crimes carry jail sentences ranging from 5 years to 20+ years. Of course I'm sure he would add a clause to the law that says if you can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was purely a biological result of a chromosomal anomaly, then you don't go to jail.

If so, then the morning after pill, would also be premeditated murder and would land you on Death Row.

If so, then having a beer the day after you conceive, before you have an inkling of being pregnant would be contributing to the delinquency of a minor (at least a $500 fine) or possibly even criminal recklessness, if your baby has any sort of defect and someone knows you had a beer the day after you conceived.

Does he really believe this? If not, it was a simplistic, shallow answer given by a man looking for an applause line. If he does, then we need to be very careful about how we proceed, not only in this election, but also in the case of him winning.