Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The "Primacaucus" Part 2

As a democratic delegate for Precinct 200, what can I say about the Travis County Convention...hmm...well, it was interesting. Convention registration was scheduled from 7:00am to 10:00am and the Convention was supposed to start at 10:00am and last until about 2:00pm, and in case you haven't heard, this isn't exactly how it went down. Registration was extended until 11:30am and the caucus voting didn't end until about 5:30pm.

I arrived at the Convention at 8:00am only to find a mile long (that's right, literally a mile long) line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot. Evidently, the Convention organizers thought that getting 10,000 people into one parking lot would go a lot smoother than it actually did. Anyway, after spending an hour in my car, I was able to park and walk up to the convention building where I discovered another hour long wait to sign in. Surprisingly, everyone in line was remarkably cheerful. People were chanting, clapping, chatting, and smiling. It was amazing to see thousands of people standing in line for at least an hour, and having a good time doing it!

Once inside, the true scale of this convention hit me, as many people as were outside there was an equal amount inside. Imagine, if you can, 10,000 politically active people all hanging out in ONE building. Fortunately there were plenty of restrooms and food vendors on site otherwise the whole thing could have turned ugly.

In the end the Convention was very successful, even though it last until 5:30 (instead of 2:00) and was very frustrating. Too much "hurry up and wait", kind of like sitting in rush hour traffic but for 8 hours. It was still nice spending the day with 10,000 other like-minded people and of course, being able to vote for my Presidential Candidate. Additionally, I was voted to be an Alternate Delegate to the State Convention in June. It should be fun, and hopefully it will go a bit smoother than the County Convention.

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