Monday, 9 June 2008

Poll Results

Thanks to all who participated in my most recent poll!

The Top Issues are:
  • Iraq
  • Washington Corruption
  • The Economy
  • Heath Care
  • Education
  • Tax Reform

I will start working on getting posts written about these issues, and I look forward to reading your comments and feedback. I sincerely hope that we can start a good discussion about these incredibly important issues.


1 comment:

kluborg said...

Looking at these issues feels a bit ironic. It seems most of us are a bit ... dishonest: let me explain. I haven't had time to even read all of the posts in your thoughtful, informed blog. Therefore, number one Iraq - yes, unquestionably important, but how about, "#1 Time to enjoy the fruits of my labor!" Number two: Washington corruption, OK. What do your polls propose, "toss it all out and start over" !? - my sympathies are with you if you intend to write on that one, especially since "get all the [X]'s out and keep only [Y]'s" is what we've got now! As for the rest, I am reminded of an Oingo Boingo incarnation song that says (facetiously) "we've got smart bombs, it's a good thing that are bombs are clever. It's a shame that are kids are dumb, but are bombs are smart, what a glorious day now!" Look, the boomer age wave is crashing on the shores all around the world which has implications beyond what I can discuss - perhaps we should all orient ourselves for the future and not just what is popular to complain about in the next two weeks! Thanks for driving the discussion!